French Justice

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Today and after an ordeal of two years Dr Yehuda David was finally acquitted by the French courts. His crime was telling the truth in – as the ruling confirms – restrained and careful wording while providing comprehensive evidence. The state of Israel is now voting to cover his legal cost, meaning the state of France does not even now see fit to do so. In effect, while they say they acquit him, they have in reality punished M David with two years restriction of his freedom plus a hefty fine on top of that, paid into the pockets of French lawyers.

In 1895, while covering the Dreyfus affair as a journalist, Theodor Herzl became convinced the state of France was not going to learn from its miscarriage of justice and the only way for Jews to get fair and equal treatment would be their own state. He has, again, been proved right.

See also the coverage by Haaretz.

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