Israelische Stimmen zum amerikanischen Wahlergebnis

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Comments from Israel on the American election result by Tuvia Brodie, HaRav Nachman Kahana, and Moshe Feiglin

Tuvia Brodie

We see this difference of opinion another way. In Israel, early exit polls suggested that only twenty per cent of American [and presumably Jewish] voters in Israel voted for Barack Obama, while in America, early exit polls suggested that perhaps sixty-nine per cent of American Jews voted for Obama. How strange. Jews in Israel see Obama as a brewing disaster. Jews in America seem to see him as salvation for difficult times.

HaRav Nachman Kahana

This will come about in the near future and the Jews of America will be divided among themselves.
Most will bow their heads as good US citizens and accept Obama’s rhetoric.
The minority of Jews will suffer conscious pangs of dual loyalty between allegiance to the land of their birth – the US, vs. the Land of their God. They will choose the land of their birth.
Certain individuals will rise to the occasion and return home.
May HaShem have pity on them all.

Moshe Feiglin

That is the unique property of amazement. A person feels it when something he was aware could potentially occur actually takes place before his eyes.
Intellectually, we know that Western civilization is disintegrating. Nevertheless, we are filled with amazement when the American nation once again elects the man who, more than anything else, represents the opposite of the values that made the US great.

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