What good does a passport do, if any?

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So far nothing substantial is known about the missing flight from Malaysia and all a sensible blogger can do is shut up and wait. Of course that’s quite the opposite of what our mainstream media are doing. There is however one very important side aspect that’s turned up and about which enough is known for questions to be asked. Again you can spend a lot of time on the mass media and look in vain for those. Apparently two of the passengers on the missing flight were on their way to Europe with stolen passports.

Now whenever strange things are being done and you’re trying to make sense of them, there’s always the possibility they were attempted by complete idiots. In this case however everything points to a well organized and well established successful group behind them, so the assumption has to be, it could have worked. Two passports, stolen one and two years ago and registered as such, should have permitted passing into Europe through a Schengen entry point, at least one of them Frankfurt airport, where the mother of one of the men has admitted having waited for him. For years, even decades, we’ve had these machine readable and purportedly tamper-proof passports and now it turns out, that’s all for nothing and all those elaborate border controls are just ineffective shams?

Personally I find the booming silence about this and all its implications rather frightening. What is it, the gleichgeschaltete press is hiding from us?

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