Open letter to Dr. Alan I. Leshner, AAAS

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Dear Sirs, dear Dr. Leshner,

due to the way Science Magazine is organized, a way which until now I have fully approved with, I am not just a paying subscriber but also a full voting member of the AAAS. Now while a customer may be free to ignore his supplier’s interior affairs (although sometimes, e.g. in cases of child labour, he oughtn’t to), a member is identified with any organizition he belongs to and taken to account for its deeds.

I have just read Michael Balter’s letter to your science editor and want to add my voice to the criticism therein. My name on your roster includes not only the scientist but the complete human being with full responsibility not only for all I do but also for all I endorse. As of today this letter is only a request for you to reconsider your ways, but I have cancelled subscriptions and memberships before and I may well be forced to do so again.

Yours truly

Axel Berger

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