Behind the Greta-phenomenon


Indigenous youth movement or fabricated campaign?

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It looks to me like the Greta-phenomenon is nearly over and a crash seems imminent. Notwithstanding that, the episode remains relevant and well worth a closer look. To that goal I have placed a copy of the Junge Freiheit’s detailed analysis in my Fundstücke page (with their permission of course) and the pseudonymous review of Malena Ernman’s book from Vera Lengsfeld’s blog.

Large phenomena don’t just happen as we’re led to believe but are diligently prepared and stage managed. All the signs were there from the very beginning, but only for those who cared to look.

Rebels and dissidents are not being awarded medals and honours and are not univocally lauded by all the media as one. Those old enough to remember the „Helden der Arbeit“ and „tapferen Kämpferinnen“ recognize the pattern. Let us not neglect teaching our children, so they need not repeat those experiences for themselves.

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